tSupply = 1,000,000,000



TheMetaZeus is a utility token that allows the community to directly message, verify, and vote on crypto projects to protect investors. 

Public mint :
tmz token

CONTRACT ADDRESS:  0x42906b7b37f3b3ef0ab0e762001576d7a149bdd3

TheMetaZeus (TMZ) is a decentralized community-driven project to identify Scams, Rug Pulls, and Honey Pots that are stealing millions from investors every day.

TMZs mission is to bring transparency and awareness to bad actors and resources used to defraud the community through Rug Pulls and Honey Pots. TMZ recognizes, engages, and rewards community members for learning and sharing credible information and valid resources with others, before entering the new and exciting virtual parallel world known as the Metaverse!

TMZ community members can earn while they learn; helping others stay informed against harmful Rug Pulls and Honey Pots. Our team has eight years of experience mining bitcoin and developing smart contracts on the blockchain resulting in deep industry knowledge and firsthand experience getting burned by fraudulent token schemes and multi-faceted system hacks. Our goal at TMZ is to build community and help others avoid the same pitfalls we faced many times over the years.

Researching, learning, and sharing best practices before investing in cryptocurrency projects.

Governance votes used to determine the validity of crypto projects.

A community-driven rewards program.

Incorporate blockchain technology to reward participants

Scammers today are smart, and they are relentless. They exploit weaknesses that most of us are unaware of, but only because we weren't prepared. If you're like most who invest in crypto, you simply don't have the time to learn everything there is to know about the Metaverse and Web3. This space is moving forward at light speed, which is awesome, but something must be done about the millions stolen every month!

Our Roadmap  and the future plans.

tmz lightning bolt


InCirculation - 900,000,000 Tokens
Total - 1,000,000,000 Tokens

Development 2%


Liquidity: 3%


Marketing Fee: 2%


Charity: 3%


Rewards: 1%

We are a team of creative and passionate members

Frequently asked questions

TheMetaZeus launched February 3, 2022, with 1 billion TMZ tokens created at genesis. TMZ Tokenomics are fully transparent and holders are rewarded with every transaction.

TheMetaZeus is the product of brothers Carl Tautenhahn and Gerald Tautenhahn, Kevin Maloney, and a dedicated team of developers, programmers, and engineers based in Southern California, USA.

TMZ allows the Community to report, comment, and vote on any Crypto Project to call out Coin Scams in real-time. In a truly decentralized environment, relying on a central hub to provide all of the information regarding scams, honey-pots, and rug-pulls goes against the core values of Decentralization.

TMZ is a BEP20 Token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Unlike ERC20 and other Ethereum Mainnet tokens, our gas fees are a fraction of the price.

TMZ is a platform for investors to confirm that devs and the crypto projects themselves are legit.

We want to create a more safe and inclusive ecosystem for everyone in Web3. Join our community for giveaways, to get whitelisted, to choose perks, and interact with other members in community.